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Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring began its popularity since a decade ago and has been advancing by leaps and bounds until today. Laminate is easy to install by professionals and its durability, micro bevels, deeper texture, and better graphic reproduction bring it closer to Solid and engineered hardwood.

Comfort and convivence

Even though laminate flooring feels hard underfoot, the underlayment gives the flooring a bit softer feeling. In addition, to the spring feeling the underlayment has a resilient foam that provides a moisture barrier and removes the hollow sound. Comfort and convenience always come first and manufacturers have been developing a texture that prevents the slippery surface of the laminate which allows homeowners to be comfortable and stress-free about slippery floors. Laminate is much convenient and easy to clean meaning the dust and allergens do not trap in the product which prohibits the allergy reactions.


The solid variety of wood, stone, and tile finish with the different plank styles, colors, treatment, and thicknesses creates a unique reputation for laminate flooring. Moreover, the laminate has no defection and unlike hardwood that has to be trimmed, discarded, and comes with an imperfect piece plus laminate is easy to install.

Versatile and easy to install

Laminate can be installed almost on any subfloor such as concrete and vinyl floor with no hesitation. On the contrary, laminate is only water-resistant and should not be installed in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Also, laminate is quite simple to install and interlock the boards, but it is important to ask a professional in order to avoid any mistakes.

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