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Hardwood flooring

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

For centuries hardwood was the most popular choice, because of its reliable and has great quality. Solid and engineered hardwood gives a sense of presence and it is very beneficial for both commercial and residential projects.


The appearance of your floor has a direct connection with your lifestyle. It is very important to choose the right color and finish of the hardwood and considering the cleaning as well. Cleaning hardwood is easy and they do not accumulate lots of dirt, dust, and debris. Meaning that cleaning the floors weekly with a vacuum, mop, and keeping the floor dry will make everything easier. Both solid and engineered hardwood are straightforward to install for those with experience. When you choose the color, usually the neutral-colored wood is extremely flexible with re-decoration and it is much easier to pair them with paint, a variety of colored fabric, and furniture.


High-traffic areas such as hallways, the kitchen, and family room are essentially needed to be hardwood floors and it is important to decide durable wood with high strength. Walnuts and hickory are harder wood that resists damage in the living room because usually, the furniture moves around. Although fir, oak, and yellow Birch give a more beautiful sight to your house it is more disappointing and can be damaged much faster.


Although hardwood flooring is much pricier than other flooring styles, it is much durable and can last for generations. Hardwood is the best choice to increase the value of any property, and it is a long term investment that can bring higher prices and faster resales.

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